About The Group

Waleed Abdullah Moudafar Commercial Group is an ancient group that has 23 years of giving and includes a group of academics and specialists, engineers, experts and consultants working on various activities that serve multiple aspects of the needs of Saudi society, and proud of an extended list of distinguished clients who attest to the quality and dedication of the group in providing its services with the latest means Quality and strictest standards have been completed, services vary between contracting, petrochemical export, heavy equipment transport, Sea transport, livestock, fish, and fruits trade.


Waleed Abdullah Moudafar Commercial Group is an ambitious group that believed in itself and flourished, and believed in its ability of giving, and provided most of the effort to meet the various needs of society. And became pioneers in those fields starting with the constructions, export and traid in various domains to be the entity for those who aspiring to revive the economy, and for those looking for professional services that meet the high expectations of prestigious companies and individuals in the Saudi market.


To reach leadership in all areas of the work activities of Walid Abdullah Moudafar Commercial Group, raising the productivity standards in the Saudi market until it reaches the ranks of international companies, and that we continue to strengthen our relationships with our loyal customers and gain more of them towards a prosperous future.

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Years Experince

The group has exceeded 23 years of progress and giving


Various activities and each activity provides high-level services


We are proud of our human cadre from sons and daughters of the homeland and the Arab world.

Success Parteners

It boasts an extensive list of prestigious clients

Waleed Moudafar Group's Timeline

We share with our distinguished visitors the timeline of the group from its inception to this day
  • 1419 AHConstruction Est was Founded

    The contracting branch was established and established due to the market need, so high-level engineers were employed in all disciplines directly related to contracting.
  • 1422 AHExpanding the livestock trade

    In the year 1422 AH, we imported the first consignment from the Republic of Sudan, which was carrying various types of live livestock through the Islamic Port of Jeddah.
  • 1423 AHShipping

    We found a big gap between the city of Jizan and Farasan Island, especially since in those previous years the resources were scarce, what would have been of us unless we transferred most of those resources to Farasan Island such as foodstuffs, petroleum and petroleum derivatives, building materials until we became the pioneers in maritime transport